Admiral is a selective insect growth regulator for the control of whitefly on greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers. Due to it’s mode of action, Admiral should be considered as a population disruptor not a knock-down insecticide. Admiral contains pyriproxyfen, which is a juvenile hormone mimic. This interferes with whitefly reproduction and development.

With multiple points of activity in the insect life cycle, Admiral acts by suppressing egg development and by inhibiting metamorphosis and adult emergence of target insects. It sterilises adult whitefly females but is of low toxicity to adult parasitoids such as Encarsia, Eretmocerus and Aphidius. Although it is not suitable for greenhouses relying on predatory ladybirds such as cleobora mellyi for pest control. Admiral doesn’t affect predatory mites or bumblebees used for pollination and it is low in toxicity and has a low environmental impact.

Admirals translaminar activity through the leaf ensures it reaches pests on both sides whilst maintaining a short withholding period. It is a suitable product for use in insect resistance management strategies but care must be taken to ensure resistance is not developed due to overuse.

Admiral a selective growth regulator.