For every installation with substrate slabs, substrate troughs and substrate buckets, you will be able to ensure you have the most appropriate guttering system thanks to our range of Bato guttering and drainage products.

Rectangular Gutter

The Bato Rectangular gutter is a great ecological solution to collecting drainwater in vegetable and flower cultivation. With this product the installation of slabs and troughs in the gutter (if necessary heightened on styrofoam stips or gutter bridges) is possible and is easy to install.


The Bato Mega gutter is not only another great ecological water collection system but this product also allows for installation of slabs and buckets over or on the side of the drainwater discharge channel.

Bato gutter systems


The Bato V-Gutter can be used as a discharge channel on soil and underneath a growing rack system.

Gutter Bridge

Gutter bridges can be used in combination with slabs and/or substrate troughs. The free space under the slab ensures a good discharge of drain water.

Gutter Drainplug

The Bato Drainplug is used to connect your Bato gutter to your discharge system.