Bato Truss Supports are used to support the first trusses. The quality of these trusses are always a problem owing to snapping. The truss support is fastened around the truss stem, lending support and ensuring better fruit quality and increased production. Below are some of our Truss Support options.

Truss Support U-Model Flex 6mm

The U-model Flex 6mm can be pushed over the stem however it’s flexibility makes it possible to straighten out and place more quickly over the stem.

Truss Support Hook Model

The Hook model truss support is attached with it’s hooks at the end of the stem.

Truss Support HMO 6.0mm

The Truss Support HMO 6mm has an open construction which is therefore very suitable for the early stages of growth in which stems need more contact with open air.

Bato Truss Support products