Botanical Insect Growth Regulator

NeemAQ is a unique soluble concentrate formulation of neem, containing compounds such as the azadirachtins and salannin from the Indian Neem tree, which affect feeding and growth development of insect pests established on treated plants. Most insect plant pests are extremely sensitive to minute quantities of these compounds which interfere with their hormonal systems and some will not even eat treated leaves preferring to starve instead.

NeemAQ is safe for beneficial insects and assists with the management of IPM programs by reducing pest numbers. The active ingredient doesn’t leave toxic residue so there is no MRL. Insect pests haven’t been found to develop resistance to NeemAQ.

NeemAQ is effective on greenhouse whitefly and can also control caterpillars, apids and thrips. Being an oil-free soluble concentrate, the product is not likely to pose a risk of spray damage and this also makes it easier to mix and pour. NeemAQ can be easily and quickly applied through most types of spray equipment.

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