COMPO EXPERT range of Fertilisers

Drive your crops’ performance with COMPO EXPERT, the high quality innovative specialty fertilisers from Europe. Their range includes NPK special mineral fertilisers, fertilisers with nitrification inhibitors, slow-release fertilisers, coated and partly-coated slow-release fertilisers, nutrient salts, liquid fertilisers and trace element fertilisers.

Controlled release fertilisers


Basacote®, the marathon CRFs, is a controlled release fertiliser for plant hole application. It is ideally suited for use
in forestry.

Basacote® is a controlled-release fertiliser for plant hole application. Each prill is evenly coated with an elastic polymer that controls water penetration. The coating thickness determines the rate of diffusion of the nutrients stored into the prill, ensuring a controlled nutrient release over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.


  • Climate Adapted Release Technology ensures nutrient release in controlled by ambient temperature only, which
    guarantees nutrient availability according to individual plant requirements.
  • Release rates are not affected by soil properties such as pH, microbial activity, salinity, etc.
  • Prevents nutrient dumping and associated seedling mortality, often experienced with inferior and brittle coatings.

Basatop® Sport Mini

A mini granule controlled release fertiliser with good levels of Nitrogen.

Basatop® Sport Mini is a controlled-release fertiliser with good levels of nitrogen, in the form of mini granules (1 .0–1 .8 mm).

Basatop® Sport Mini is suitable for:

  • Sports fields & lawns
  • Golf tees & green surrounds
  • Recreational turf areas
  • Potting mixes—incorporation as a “starter” fertiliser and top feeding.

Main benefits

  • Two step fertilisation
    1 – Immediately available nutrients to provide a quick start with moisture influence.
    2- Controlled-release nutrients via coated granules, influenced by moisture and temperature.
  • Feeds for 8–1 2 weeks
  • High Nitrogen and I ron for quick “green-up”
  • Balanced Potassium & Magnesium for quality turf
  • Sulphur and Micronutrients.

Slow release fertilisers


Triabon® is a cutting edge compoud fertiliser that contains Crotodur®, a slow release nitrogen source which is broken down by soil microbes into plant-available nitrogen. Triabon® is ideal for incorporation in potting media, as a top dressing of containers or broadcast on crops / gardens and around plants, which makes it the first choice option for potting mix manufacturers and nurseries. It is the perfect match for Nutricote® as Nutricote® will keep feeding when Triabon®‘s supply runs out.

Key advantages of Triabon®

  • Works fast for a quick “green up”
  • Keeps feeding for 3-4 months to get your plants to market faster
  • Each granule contains a homogenous combination of all nutrient in correct proportions
  • Versatile uses: in media, top feeding or broadcast on beds or gardens
  • Works even in cool conditions
  • Feeds when you don’t want to water
  • Kind to your plants, with a low salt index
  • Works efficiently, with at least 98% of nitrogen that is available to plants. Other SRF’s cannot match this!
  • Adheres when initially watered so doesn’t roll off pots.

Floranid® Twin Club

Floranid® Twin Club is a high potassium and magnesium slow-release fertiliser for incorporation in potting mixes and top dressing of containers.

Main benefits

  • High potassium (K) & magnesium (Mg) levels to promote flowering.
  • Also provides “growth control” for forestry plants etc.
  • Promotes plant hardiness and disease resistance.
  • Contains 0.5% iron – very desirable for any media based on bark and/or coir fibre.
  • Contains both fast-acting and slow-release nitrogen to maintain “greening”.
  • Releases slowly over 2–3 months meaning plant safety and no growth flushes.
  • Homogeneous granules – balanced nutrition in every granule.

Floranid® Twin Permanent

Floranid® Twin Permanent is an economical slow release fertiliser suitable for top dressing of containers or for open ground production.

Main benefits

  • All essential nutrients are contained in each and every granule
  • Ideal balance ofnutrients and micronutrients for optimum crop performance
  • Contains both fast-acting and slow-release nitrogen
  • Releases slowly over 2-3 months, saving on labour and additional application costs
  • Small granule size –many uses in nursery, turf and horticulture.

Floranid® Twin Turf

Floranid® Twin Turf is a slow release fertiliser containing the ideal nutrient balance for professional turf surfaces such as sports fields, golf tees, surrounds and amenity areas. It contains Isodur® slow-release nitrogen, for an even nitrogen release over 8 to 12 weeks, according to climatic conditions.

Main benefits

  • Slow-release: feeds for 3–4 months
  • Three way action for a constant and homogeneous growth
  • Healthy green colour
  • Better resistance against wear
  • Environmentally and user friendly

Granular fertilisers


Blaukorn® is a premium quality granular complex compound fertilisers from COMPO EXPERT. All Blaukorn®products have a high availability of phosphate and a low level of chlorine.

  • High availability of Phosphate
  • Low Chloride
  • Improved crop quality
  • Blue-coloured granules for excellent product recognition.

Available as:

  • Blaukorn® Classic: The “Classic”
    12 N + 3.4 P + 13.3 K + 1.8Mg + TE (elemental)
    Balanced NPK with a P & K bias for flowering and fruiting crops.
  • Blaukorn® Suprem: The “High N”
    21 N + 2 P + 8.3 K + 1.8Mg + TE (elemental)
    Higher N for growth when adequate P & K in soil.
  • Blaukorn® Premium: The “Low P”
    15 N + 1.3 P + 16.6 K + 1.8Mg + TE (elemental)
    When low P and higher levels of N & K are required.


NovaTec® is an innovative granular complex compound NPK fertiliser stabilised with DMPP (3.4 Dimethylpyrazolphosphate) to reduce N losses from leaching and volatilisation. NovaTec® is suitable for base and side dressings in chlorine sensitive crops.

Main benefits

  • Sustained Nitrogen availability to plants
  • Improved plant growth
  • Improved crop quality
  • Improved environmental care

EasyGreen Mini

EasyGreen Mini is a range of fertilisers for turf, nursery and horticulture. The mini granules are 8 times smaller than conventional NPK fertilisers (90% of prills are 1 .0–2.5 mm).

Main benefits

  • No Urea Nitrogen, which means it is safe for all types of potting media, including peat based seed raising mixes.
  • Good level of Phosphorus to encourage root development.
  • High level of Potassium & Magnesium to grow strong plants with good disease resistance.
  • Good levels of Sulphur & trace nutrients to help ensure a good healthy green colour.
  • The mini granules are surface treated for ease of handling and even spreading.

Fertilis Speed®

Fertilis Speed® is an extra fine granulated NPK compound fertiliser with good levels of nitrogen and with the addition of Bacillus subtilis. It promotes a healthier turf and is suitable for golf greens, tees and other valuable turf.

Main benefits

  • Extra fine granules (0.5-1 .6 mm) for an optimal sward penetration and excellent spreadability.
  • All nutrients in every granule: all plants receive an even supply of macro and micronutrients.
  • With Bacillus subtilis, for an improved plant fitness and vitality, higher tolerance to stress and an enhanced root development.
  • High Nitrogen and Iron for quick “green-up”.
  • Balanced Potassium & Magnesium for quality turf.
  • Sulphur and Micronutrients.
  • No urea and practically free from chloride.