Nutricote Controlled Release Fertiliser

“The Superior Controlled Release Fertiliser that really lasts as long as it claims.”

Unlike many fertilisers that release nutrients too soon to deliver full-season feeding, Nutricote® controlled release fertiliser releases its nutrients gradually and predictably. It provides your plants with the vital nutrients theyneed,when they need them, all season long.

Unique coating

A totally new technology has been developed for Nutricote’s resin coating process.

  • All granules receive exactly the same thickness of coating, whether the product is to last 2 or 18 months.
  • The release rate is controlled by a releasing agent, which is added to the resin. The amount of release agent in the coating determines how porous the coating is, which determines how fast the nutrients will diffuse into the root zone.
  • Nutrient release is independent of soil moisture, soil type, soil pH or microbiological activity.
  • The nutrient release is moderately affected by temperature, which keeps the rate of release synchronised with the rate of plant growth.

Highest quality NPK fertiliser

Only the highest quality soluble NPK components are used in Nutricote®.

  • No chloride or sulphate, as fertilisers containing these cause a harmful increase in the salt levels of potting mixes and also affect pH levels.
  • Every prill contains the whole package of nutrients in the same concentrations for a homogeneous application.
  • Uniform size, coating thickness and shape of every prill, which allows a consistent and accurate nutrient release. It also helps the grower or potting mix producer to achieve a uniform mixture of fertiliser.
  • Non brittle thermoplastic coating that does not crack or break.

High safety

Probably the most important feature of Nutricote® is the high degree of plant safety offered. Due to the near perfect coating and the exact control of release, Nutricote® provides a very high level of security to the grower. With no flash release of nitrogen and no erratic surges of release, Nutricote® offers more safety than most similar products on the market today.