PlantoSan Slow Release Fertilisers

PlantoSan® methylene-urea fertilisers are specialised fertilisers with controlled nutrient release which supply the correct amount of macro and micronutrients for a perfectly balanced plant growth. The slow release nitrogen component is converted by soil-micro-organisms into nitrogen forms which are available to plants. As this process, just like plant growth, is temperature dependant, the nitrogen is supplied in accordance with the plant requirements.

PlantoSan® methylene-urea fertilisers are available in granular form. PlantoSan® is well suited for application in; ornamentals, tree nurseries, cut flowers, vegetables and amenity areas.

Key benefits:

  • Nutrient release in accordance with plant requirements.
  • Optimal utilization of the applied Nitrogen.
  • Environmentally safe Nitrogen fertilisation management.
  • No ammonia volatilization.
  • Minimal leaching.


Analysis:        20-4.4-12.5-3.6 Mg + TE
Available in:   4kg, 25kg