WUXAL Liquid Fertilisers

WUXAL liquid fertilisers are true solutions of mineral salts and are plant physiologically effective additives. Raw materials are selected from the purest quality to deliver high crop safety and ease of application.

Fields of Application:

  • Foliar feed for agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • Fertigation with all irrigation systems.
  • Hydroponics (excluding Amino based products – in dosed systems).
  • Greenhouse crops

Key Benefits:

  • Chelation makes micronutrients readily available both via soil and the leaves.
  • Superchelation makes elements in spray water more readily available to the plants as nutrients.
  • A specialised buffering system ensures the correct pH of the spray solution for optimising physiological compatibility with pesticides.
  • Easy to use.
  • High crop safety.
  • Compatible with most commonly used pesticides.
  • Suitable for use in all sprinkling and spray equipment.

Choose a product

WUXAL® Amino

Analysis:            9.2%N – 54% Amino Acids
Main Crops:       Ornamentals, Stone Fruit, Top Fruit, Vegetables, Viticulture
Available in:       20L, 200L

WUXAL® Aminocal

Analysis:            15Ca-0.5Mn-0.5Zn + 7.3% Amino Acids
Main Crops:       Strawberries, Top Fruit, Vegetables, Viticulture
Available in:       20L

WUXAL® Aminoplant

Analysis:            2N-2P-2K + 12.5% Amino Acids
Main Crops:       Ornamentals, Stone Fruit, Strawberries, Top Fruit, Turf, Vegetables, Viticulture
Available in:       20L

WUXAL® Sulphur

Analysis:            15N-0P-0K-21S + TE
Main Crops:       Canola, Cereals, Beet, Vegetables, Brassica, Onion, Lettuce, Spinach
Available in:       20L, 200L

WUXAL® Super

Analysis:            8N-8P-6K + TE
Main Crops:       Olives, Ornamentals, Top Fruit, Turf, Vegetables
Available in:       5L, 20L, 200L


Analysis:            12N-4P-6K + TE
Main Crops:       Ornamentals, Strawberries, Top Fruit, Vegetables
Available in:       20L


Analysis:            5N-20P-5K + TE
Main Crops:       Top Fruit, Vegetables, Viticulture
Available in:       20L


Analysis:            5N-3.5P-9.9K + TE
Main Crops:       Cereals, Potatoes, Beets, Oilseed rape, Maize, Vegetables, Top fruit, Strawberries, Ornamentals, Nurseries
Available in:       20L


Analysis:            39N-0P-0K
Main Crops:       Kiwifruit, Pipfruit, Stone Fruit, Turf, Vegetables, Viticulture, Cereals, Beet
Available in:       20L, 200L, 1000L