Sticky Traps

Yellow (BugScan) and blue (BugScan B) sticky traps are indispensable for the detection and monitoring of flying insects for the biological control in protected cultivations. The traps can also partially contribute to an effective control.

Research has shown that whiteflies, leaf miners, sciarids, aphids and many other flying insects are attracted to the colour yellow, while thrips are attracted to the colour blue.

This brought about the development of the BugScan (B) sticky traps. At the beginning of cultivation, the traps are hung amongst the crop. As all kinds of flying insects are attracted by the coloured traps and stick to them, the sticky traps provide a simple, but effective monitoring system. Information about the presence of particular pests and their development makes it easier to determine the proper time for the introduction of appropriate control measures.

In low crops the sticky traps are hung as closely as possible to the heads of the plants. In taller crops this should be at most 30 cm above the plants. As the crop grows, the height must be readjusted. Regular checks (1-2 times a week) and perhaps counts will show a spread or an increase of infestation of the crop.

All BugScan products provide an ecological protection measure against pests; they are made of recycled plastic of the highest quality which guarantees a long life span. The glue used is non-toxic, waterproof and does not dry up, soften or drip off in warm conditions. Furthermore, the size of the sticky and roller traps is not affected by temperature and atmospheric humidity.

Good to Know

Glue on your hands can be easily cleaned with soap.
It is easier to install sticky tapes under warm conditions. Therefore, store sticky tapes at room temperature, so that they can be easily unrolled.
When using biological control in protected cultures, the biological balance can be disturbed by an influx of flying insects from outside the greenhouse. Using sticky tapes such as the BugScan Roll (B), BugScan Roll Mini (B) or BugScan Ribbon (B) can help to solve this problem.


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